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Health Psychlogist Stapleton Denver


I’m Dr. Matt Davis, a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in health psychology— the space where medical illness and mental health overlap.

My Background


I graduated from Rosemead School of Psychology in southern California in 2011, a program that is fully accredited by the American Psychological Associated and consistently produces high-quality therapists. In graduate school, I was trained in psychodynamic psychotherapy, a specific form of treatment that focuses on recurring emotional and relationship patterns learned in childhood that often continue into one's adult life. 


My graduate school is one of the few remaining programs that requires every student to go through their own therapy. This has some distinct advantages for my patients. Most importantly, I understand what it is like to sit on the other side of the therapy room, to enter into painful feelings you didn't realize were there or didn't want to admit, and to experience the healing and wholeness that comes from facing these issues. I have faith in the therapy process because I have been through it, and I am a better man and a better therapist because I did.

After graduate school I completed my doctoral internship at Community Reach Center in north Denver, a clinic that serves the most severely and persistently mentally ill people in that area. Here I learned that some people need to learn how to cope with their daily lives before they can go to the dark places of their past. I learned to feel at home in places like jails, emergency rooms, and group homes for the severely mentally ill. This means I feel comfortable with whatever issues my patients come to me with, and that nothing feels outside of my comfort zone. 

Since finishing my internship in 2011, I have worked mostly in primary care settings, collaborating with medical providers to provide the best care for our patients who have some combination of physical and mental health concerns. This has been a time of great learning about how the mind and body are connected in various ways, and how anxiety and depression symptoms, as well as unresolved issues from one's past, can have a profound impact on one's body and health. Whether a new medical diagnosis has brought up some difficult feelings, or if you wonder about the role that your emotional health plays in some of your chronic physical issues, I can help you find the tools to manage your persistent symptoms, and guide you in resolving the underlying issues to find the peace you have longed for. Get in touch with me today for a free 25 minute phone consultation to learn more.

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