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Mindful Hand Washing

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

I've been washing my hands a lot more often and for a longer time period for the last couple of months. I always thought of hand washing as an annoying thing that I was supposed to do that just took more time. I have also seen it as just part of the routine after using the bathroom or before eating, something I almost didn't think about at all. 

When I first started washing for longer, I just wanted to get it over with. I would count to 20 or sing the songs, but I still found it to be an obnoxious additional several seconds that added something else to my plate, when I already had plenty to worry about. 

At some point in the last few weeks that switched. I'm not sure exactly how or when, but I found that I just started noticing and enjoying the sensation of cool water washing over my soapy hands. I had never paid much attention to the temperature of sink water before (unless it was extreme), but all of a sudden I liked it. And I decided it was cool to see the way water looked as it ran over my hands and through my fingers with little bubbles. I then started paying attention to the tactile sensation of my hands and fingers lathering and scrubbing one another with soap and found there was some small enjoyment in that as well. 

Mindfulness is defined as being aware of the present moment with acceptance. I wonder what small miracles would happen if you started becoming aware of the things you have always done mindlessly, whether it's washing your hands, brushing your teeth, walking in the park, petting your dog or cat, or eating a puff pastry. I wonder in what small way your life might have more fullness and you might feel more joy. 

Try the free MyLife Meditation app to incorporate more mindfulness into your daily routine. If you have a practice or find a practice that you love, please share it with me and others in your life! Feel free to leave it in the comments below, on my Facebook or LinkedIn pages, or tweet me!

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